Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 21 and 7 Motivational Tips!

Today is Monday, which means phase 1 workout 3 is done. What is it about Monday's that makes it so hard to get motivated? I think the worst part is Sunday is my rest day, so getting back to the workout routine is tough. This got me to start thinking about what motivates me to keep going, when it's so easy to just throw in the towel.

So here are some of my thoughts on how to get motivated and stay motivated....

1. Surround yourself with at least a few people who are into health and fitness. You don't even have to know them in person. I have quite a few online friends on Facebook and myfitnesspal that are working hard towards their goals. This encourages me to get out there and get what I want done. This also gives me a sense of community, knowing that I'm not alone in this.

2. Join a website such as myfitnesspal, where you can track your food, calories, exercise, post questions in forums and keep track of your progress. There are other sites ive heard of too like spark people, weightwatchers, fit day, live strong, etc...

3. Start off small. If you haven't worked out in a long time than start of small. You quickly notice if you need to amp up your workout or slow it down. I know from experience it can be really discouraging trying to run that mile you used to run with ease and you can't even make it half way before you feel like throwing up. So start small and build up...aka try morning or evening walks :)

4. Find activities that you enjoy doing. If you once enjoyed bicycling as a teen or kid why not give it a try now? If you used to swim in your 20's, go ahead and check out some classes at the pool or free style it doing lengths. The possibilities are endless here people :) as for myself I found jogging/running.

5. Download some apps for your phone, some music to listen too, a podcast to enjoy...something that will encourage you to get out the door. This tip really helps me big time! If I didn't have my apps and podcast I doubt I'd run as much as I do.

6. If I start feeling down about myself or my progress I try to imagine what I will look like when I get to my goals. What will that bathing suit look like on me in 3 months? Or how confident will I feel tomorrow if I just work hard today :) it works for me every time.

7. Track calories burned! My favorite piece of workout equipment is my polar heart rate monitor. It motivates me to push harder to not only increase my heart rate, but to get a great calorie burn! It's so amazing to see how hard you've worked at the end of a workout.

Those are my top 7 that I use either daily or quite often to keep my head in the game. A lot of people use other things such as a reward system, setting small goals, entering some sort of event to train for, thinking about the future with their kids or grandkids, reading success stories, etc...

There are just so many ways to stay motivated, but to be honest you will know what works for you and you just have to stick to it!

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