Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 18!

Found this awhile back and forgot about it! Isn't it an interesting tip, next time I workout I'm going to test this theory ;)

Day 18 already...I'm like shocked at how quickly this is going! I'm starting to freak out thinking that i'm almost out of phase 1!! How did I even get this far? It really didn't seem like that long. Technically 90 day really isn't that long, months go by so quickly. I guess once you commit to a workout program like this and your weeks or months into doesn't seem as daunting as day one...

I do have to say I'm really proud of myself for sticking to this for program for this long. I have trouble staying motivated and interested in the same workouts over and over. I do believe Jillian's Body Revolution does keep you focused and interested, because the workouts change quite quickly. I would only suggest that she should have added more cardio workouts to the program. Doing the same one for each phase, kinda sucks! I know other people on this program have just swapped it for their own favorite cardio exercise. I sort have been doing the same in a sense, but i've been adding cardio to my workouts everyday. I still do Jillian's cardio workout because my 5 year old just LOVES it. He cheers me on and joins in.

I weighed in today and guess what I was down a 2.5lbs!! I believe im down a total of 5lbs since starting this workout. 5lbs in 18 days is healthy and I'm proud of that! Losing at that rate I'll have lost 25lbs at the end of 90 days. I'll take that!

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