Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 12 and another workout app review!

I've realized that this completes 2 weeks worth of the program! Only 10 weeks left to go!

Thinking about the program in terms of weeks rather than days, makes it much more doable to me. Besides the weeks feel like the go by like days, especially in the summer. Speaking of summer, we've been so lucky to have some amazing weather recently! July has been hot, but bearable. I've been able to run in the late mornings/early afternoons on the shaded trails along the river, and it's been amazing!

Right now on my runs, I've been using 2 apps, listening to 1 podcast, and tracking my calories and heart rate with my Polar HRM. The first app of course is "Zombies, Run," which I've mentioned in a previous post that you can read here.

My newly acquired app is "C25k Free!" As it suggest in the title it is a free application you can just download. That is always a bonus! I believe that this app might only be available for Apple products and I'll include the link to iTunes at the end of this post. Now I've done C25k in the past and tracked it manually on my watch. It was okay, but this just makes it so much easier! I don't have to worry about anything, but focus on running and walking. To be honest I just completed Day 3 of the program and I'm already seeing improvements. Granted I was jogging the trails about a month before getting this app. I do believe it's helped improve my distance and stamina though.

I also wanted to mention that both of these apps work great with each other and I still listen to my pod cast :) Zombies run is amazing in the sense it pauses what i'm listening to, discusses the story line, then resumes what I was listening too. C25k Free, just tells me to start running or walking, in the middle of what im listening too. It also has a volume control so you can increase the woman's voice to hear it over what's already playing.

Here is the link to C25k Free as promised ;) C25k App click here!

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