Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 10

Today was my last Phase 1 workout 1, which seems like it went way to fast! It's become probably my favourite workout of the 2. I think it's because I know what comes next and I'm pretty confident at doing the routine. Maybe that's a sign though that it is time to move on to workout 3 and 4.

Now I say I'm confident in the routine, but that doesn't mean I didn't fall on my bum during towel runs! I must have been off balance because my ankle gave way underneath me and I heard it go "crrrruuunnncccchhh!" All I thought was "OH no..please let it be okay so I can keep up with these workouts" Low and behold I lucked out and was able to put weight on it and finish the workout out no problem. I also went for a run after, putting in some extra cardio and listening to Jillian's podcast. She actually had a question from a caller asking about doing extra strength training while doing body revolution. This is a "No no" I guess, and that the program is set up so that we can rest our muscles and let them repair. Extra cardio though is okay :) Phew...

Here is the link my friends to all the FREE episodes of Jillian and Janice's podcast. :)
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