Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 15

Today is workout 1 Phase 4! This workout gets me sweating like a crazy. Well to be honest all her workouts do ;) I'm still feeling yesterday's workout, i'm sore all over. This week is a big wake up call to the increased intensity as we progress through this workout. I don't even want to think about the final weeks workouts!

Here is me after one of Jillian's workouts..a mess!

There have been a few questions surrounding my diet and if i'm sticking to Jillian's meal plan. Originally I was sticking to it 100%..now I can honestly say I'm sticking to her diet probably 80% of the time. That doesn't mean the other 20% I'm eating junk food or anything like that. I'm sticking to my calorie goal with is 1210calories a day, but I may eat an apple with peanut butter when she suggest a low calorie muffin. Things like this I am taking liberty with. Here is a picture of some of my lettuce mix i've been growing in my garden! It's delicious, yum!

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