Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 7 & meals plans

Day 7 is great! It ended with cardio and more cardio! :) Remember I swapped rest days because of life happening ;) I ended up doing one of the workout videos cardio sessions and then I decided instead of repeating the video I would do my own thing outside. I went for a run, did some push-ups against a stair way, intervals up and down the stairs and finally some jumping jacks in the middle of the park trails. I tell you my muscles ache after I exercise outside. I guess the higher oxygen content, the harshness of the weather, the ground itself (environment) all impacts the body compared to a comfy gym or livingroom.

Anyways, week 1 is complete folks! I'm through the kick start you're metabolism phase and my thoughts on it's doable! The meal plans were really simple, which I loved! I didn't even need to go shopping, I had everything in my fridge already. How awesome is that?! Now that being said, taking a look at the actual meals plans for the next 83 days...holy smokes I was overwhelmed by it all. I'm sure I'll muddle through it, I just need to get organized. I immediately noticed the incorporation of healthy carbs. There are steel cut oats (which I love yay!), muffins, pancakes, sandwiches, etc... This is awesome news in the sense that the only bummer about the 7-day kick start was I was still hungry after my alloted calories..seriously I still had to have another 200 calories to feel satiated at the end of the day. I'm thinking that this was because it was a lot of veggie and protein :) Hopefully an increase in carbs and fiber will help me feel fuller longer :)

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