Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 4

Last night after doing the body revolution workouts, I went to aqua cardio class. If anyone thinks that aqua classes are for old ladies, they so have not been to the classes I go too! They are brutal workouts! A lot of cardio intervals in water, which is tough because of the resistance you get from the water. It's a total body workout. Also a lot of balance and core work with water weights and water noodles. I missed a couple days last week because my membership ran out, and some of the ladies from class, who I haven't socialized with much, saw me when I went in to renew. They were so sweet and said they noticed I wasn't there and hope I make it to next class because they love my energy, it's motivating! How sweet is that?! :) I love when people go out of their way to say kind things like that to others.

Today was a strength training workout. All about the shoulders! I really like this one, I'm using 5 pound weights for most of my workout. I have 2.5's and 10's but those are too light and too heavy. There are a couple exercises where she says to use a heavier weight, so I double up using my five pound weight and my 2.5lb, making it 7.5lbs total. Also she does use bands in one of the strength workouts...I actually am using my own bands that I got from another workout program they have weights in the handles making them more of a challenge.

Okay small post, signing off now :)

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