Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 3

Here is a picture of my delicious home made veggie soup. I cooked this up for lunch, took me maybe 20-30 minutes, super easy! And all Jillian's recipe, I only swapped zucchini for celery because I was out :) I love this bowl, don't you?! It perfectly holds 1 cup :)

Day 3 has been great! I've decided that back to back workouts though are not fun, until I'm in the midst of the 2nd workout. When I realize I feel great and I'm almost done. The program says to do one workout in the AM and the other in the PM, but my schedule doesn't really mesh with that. Here I am doing back to back workouts and i'm surviving just fine! Today is cardio and cardio I guess I'll be getting through the workout to do it again. That means 6 rounds of her intervals, instead of 3...oh how will I deal with that one!


Well I got through 2 rounds of cardio 1 back to back. Needless to say i'm a sweaty, hot mess!

Here is today's snack :) It's supposed to be celery with almond butter, but I don't care for raw celery and I don't have any almond butter on hand....soooo here is a pretty apple with 100% natural peanut butter.


  1. You rock!! you will do awesome at it


  2. Thank you Lucie for you're amazing support!! You're wonderful :D